Sarah Eales - Session Violinist

I have been performing with bands for much of my professional career, both as a solo violinist and with my chamber ensembles.

Recent sessions have included recording multi-layer violin parts with Bristol-based indiepop band the Hi-Life Companion for most of the tracks on their album released in December 2013.

With the London/French band The Portraits I have performed live for gigs in Bristol to promote tracks from their 2010 album 'The Blushing of a World in White'.

With other members of the Ardeton Quartet I recently recorded a 'live-lounge' promotional session for Edwin Miles, with the Frost Factory LIVE at Peter Gabriel's 'Real World' Studios in Wiltshire. You can see the videos of us performing 'Can't Imagine You' and 'Troublesome Eye'here.

Previously, I worked with bands in South Wales, including live sessions with singer-songwriter Tanya Walker.

On television, I have appeared on BBC Commissioned film Percussion, ITV's Celebrationseries, and with the Ardeton Quartet featured on the soundtrack and visuals of BBC 2's Crisis at the Castle.